Jenny’s Song

© Words and music by Ray Scudero. All rights reserved.

Stars were made for twinkling
Way up in the sky,
And thoughts were made for thinkling,
And birds were made to fly.
Kites were made for soaring
Up there with the birds,
And lions made for roaring,
And books were made for words.
And trees were made for growing,
And mountains made to climb:
And Frisbees made for throwing
And clocks were made for time.

Balloons were made for blowing up
And bouncing in the air,
And balls were made for tossing up,
And brushes made for hair.
Holes were made for patching up—
I’ve got some in my knees—
And French fries made for ketchup,
And buzzing made for bees.
Bubble gum’s a penny
And chocolate bars a dime:
And this song was made for Jenny;
I’ll sing it one more time.

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