Flowers and Candy

© Words and music by Ray Scudero. All rights reserved.

Forgive me for being too forward;
The alternative is being too shy.
There's too much attraction to avoid my reaction,
So I guess I'll have to give it a try.
It's a good, time-honored tradition,
A proper way to make a pass or two:
I've been thinking for hours ’bout candy and flowers,
But mainly I've been thinking ’bout you.


Sweets to the sweet,
Beauty to the beautiful:
It's all been said before.
I've got no shining armor,
No, nothing to charm her—
That's what flowers and candy are for. (2x)

Queen Elizabeth and Victoria
Might really be proud of me:
A twentieth-century chivalrous gent, you see,
Kneeling before his lady (he hopes!).
You may say it's catachronistic,
Or maybe even stupid or brave,
I was brought up that way, so what can I say?
This is how I learned to behave.

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