Then Come A Day

© Words and music by Ray Scudero. All rights reserved.

I am a man born in one land with searching soul and hungry heart
Who came to find his only home in yet another.
Nearly half the globe away,
Bur far more, a world apart:
The ocean sky above our heads our common ground.

I stand surrounded by the pain of a people torn in time
Who rose above the heels that pressed them to the earth,
Walking tall among the trees from their fathers planted seeds
And in a desert made to blossom in the sun.

And now the drums of warfare sound on every border of the land
Amid a memory of tears not soon forgotten.
And though the hurricane of guns may rage again upon our soil,
We each will walk within the eye of the storm.

Then come a day when I might see the last of sabres in the wind,
A time at last when all will learn we are each other.
Then with the lion and the lamb, with the jackal and the dove
Shall we dwell upon the earth and live in peace.

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