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The Clay County Travellers

Back in 1967, after leaving the Gant's Hill-Billies and doing a stint with the Malcolm Price Trio, I met up with Richie Bull, Mike French and Jeff Treadway at the "Toad Hall Folk Club" which held its meetings at "The Central" (pub) in East Ham where they asked me to join them.

After several months of intensive bi-weekly rehearsals we eventually "got on the road" and started performing in public and we continued together until late 1970. I have to say that this was one of the most enjoyable bands to play with ... everyone knew what they were doing and after learning lyrics and chords and deciding on a key most of our arrangements fell easily into place with very little hassle.

Unfortunately we never got into a studio to record an album properly but we did make appearances on the B.B.C.'s "Country Style", "Country Meets Folk" and "Night Ride"and well as at such prestigious events as The Cambridge Folk Festival and The Folk Voice/Country Music Festivals at Cecil Sharp House and Islington Town Hall.

When Richie left to join "The Kursaal Flyers" we had a reheasal or two with Rick Adams who later joined the Southern Ramblers but it didn't quite meld and the we subsequently disbanded. I was later to join up with Mike again, also in the Southern Ramblers.

I'm still in touch with Richie and Mike but we've lost touch with Jeff .... if anyone knows him, please ask him to get in touch.

..... and if you happen to have any photographs of the band or its members that you could scan and send me I would be very glad to have them and would of course include credits for them.



Banjo too
The music of
The Clay County Travellers

These recordings are from various mostly live performances from between 1967 and 1970.

Mick FrenchFiddle, Mandolin, Lead and Tenor Vocals
Lynn LewisGuitar, Lead and Baritone Vocals
Richie BullBanjo
Jeff TreadwayBass Fiddle, Tenor Vocals
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01. Stoney Creek
02. Bringing Mary Home
03. How Mountain Girls Can Love
04. Worry My Life Away
05. In the Pines
06. New Camptown Races
07. That's How I Can Count on You
08. Truck Driving Man
09. Gotta Travel On

These last two tracks are from "Britain's 3rd. Country Music Festival
recorded live at Islington Town Hall in London.

10. Footprints in the Snow
11. Cold Icey Fingers

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