Barn Storm

Messages received from Ian McCann and John Field, 31st. October/1st. November 2004:-

"Dave Verth, formerly of Betsy Jefferson and the Ridge Runners and founder of Barnstorm, was killed in a road traffic accident in Paris last Thursday. He was hit head on by a car as he cycled to work."

"David was 65, and still cycled everywhere. He and Claire had planned to move to the South of France when he retired at the end of the year."

To Dave, to whom we owe many good times, good music and good friends, I dedicate this page.

During my last few years in the U.K., banjo player Dave Verth used to gather those musicians who were not otherwise employed for the evening, to play for various and sundry square dances, usually at the weekend. This gave me the opportunity to play with the members of other (rival) bands in the London area, many of whom have been in touch with me after discovering my web site.

If I've missed anyone I apologise - send me an e-mail and I'll correct it. John Field and Ian McCann are in the process of compiling a complete list and have about 50 names. I'll eventually have to make a separate page/site for "The Greater London/Home Counties Bluegrass Scene in the 1960's & 70's".

John Field says, "Ian McCann, myself, Roger Lomas (bass) and Ian's youngest son Alex (drums) still "trade" under that name and have done circa 50 gigs a year since 1976".


The Barn Stormtroopers are/were:

Members of Betsy Jefferson & The Ridgerunners:-

  • Dave Verth (banjo)
  • Stuart Reed (fiddle)

    Members of The Orange Blossom Sound:-
  • Ian McCann (guitar)
  • Charlie Gaisford (banjo)
  • Mike Artes (Bass)
  • Roger Churchyard (fiddle)

    Members of The Southern Ramblers:-
  • Mick French (fiddle, mandolin & vocals)
  • Lynn Lewis (guitar & vocals)
  • John Allam (banjo, Dobro & vocals)
  • Mike Hibbs (bass)

    Members of Rural Delivery:-
    Names to be confirmed.

    Not to mention:-
  • John Field (fiddle & banjo) from The Malcolm Price Trio +1, The Pleasant Mountain Boys &
    The Country Ramblers
  • Dave Hatfield (bass & vocals) from The Morriss Boys String Band, High Country &
    The Southern Ramblers
  • Richie Bull (banjo) from The Clay County Travellers, Kursaal Flyers & Natchez Trace

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