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Liron Lewis is a young Israeli born artist living on Kibbuzt Tzora between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. He showed a natural talent at an early age and developed his style during his studies at The Jerusalem School for the Arts. Liron has already sold several of his works and has been commissioned to paint several others as well as illustrate a book about animals.

Liron's earlier work were executed in water colours, outstanding pencil drawings and acrylics. He also produced some sculpures in marble. His later works are almost entirely in acrylics on canvas.

Some of his more notable works include the backdrop for a stage production - a spoof on James Bond and the front cover for the CD "While the Night Goes By" for Judi 'n' Lynn Lewis and the cover for a book of poetry by Evelyn Chenkin, "Just for You".

Currently he is working on a variety of new projects including, clear crystal epoxy on glass and furniture design in wood.

Liron has recently opened an art studio at Kibbutz Tzora where he works and exhibits and it is open to the public by prior arrangement.

He is in the process of completing a three year course in building construction and works as an independant painter and decorator (including alterations and refurbishment).


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