Judi 'n' Lynn Lewis are an English born husband and wife duo and have been living on Kibbutz Tzora in Israel for the past thirty years. Married (to each other) since 1970, they have three children, all of whom are musical but out of spite, care for neither Folk & Country Music generally nor Bluegrass specifically.


Judi is a chiropodist (podiatrist) by profession. In her youth, she appeared in light operatic school productions, and sang with her brother for various charity organizations in the London area. As well as her folk and country music performances, she has been a member of the "Yad Harif" and "Shira" Choirs and has sung at international festivals in Sweden, Finland, Hungary, The Czech Republic and Slovenia, not forgetting the "Zimriah" in Jerusalem.


Lynn originally trained as a quantity surveyor but on moving to Tzora became a tool and die maker in the Kibbutz's furniture factory and is now senior draughtsman (CAD) for another Kibbutz Tzora company making equipment for the mobility challenged.

After a flirtation with "Skiffle" and then Rock 'n' Roll in the late 50's/early 60's, Lynn started playing Bluegrass Music in 1965, performing and recording with such U.K. groups as The Malcolm Price Trio, The Clay County Travelers (once described as "the Best British Bluegrass Band ....... ever") and The Southern Ramblers, all of whom performed regularly on the various Country & Folk Music programs on B.B.C. Radio. Click here for a more detailed list of U.K. bands with which he has been associated, including some older photographs. His music has been featured several times on Benny Handel's Reshet Aleph programme "Compass", Reshet Gimel's Country Music Special from the Tzora Folk Club and he has performed with various combinations of musicians, most notably "Jerusalem Folk" and when ever a Bluegrass band is needed can usually be found backing visitors from abroad together with the likes of Paul Graham and Avery Ellisman in an ensemble I now refer to as The Bluegrass Incident". Lynn plays Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro, Autoharp and has been known to pick up an Electric Bass Guitar from time to time. He also produces quite authentic sounding MIDI files which Judi 'n' Lynn use (only in the absence of live musicians) as accompaniment to their "Country Style" program which features their close vocal harmonies and arrangements of Country and 60's Music ... performed "Country Style" of course. Known for his groan provoking "English" humour, Lynn is the EmCee of the Tzora Folk Club and has also compered at several other annual music festivals including "Jacob's Ladder".


Judi 'n' Lynn present a polished, intimate and entertaining act, performing regularly on the Kibbutz Tzora Folk Club, at the various Folk Clubs scattered around Israel, in schools, house concerts, cabaret, at charity functions and of course at the annual "Jacob's Ladder" Folk Festivals and Winter Weekends.


Our repertoire:
Judi 'n' Lynn have several programmes of music which apart from their general repertoire of traditional country and folk music, includes songs selected for their subject matter (i.e. huntin', shootin' & fishin', love songs, travelling songs, songs of the Sixties, children's songs, etc.) performed as a duo or with members of their group:

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and have also prepared a set of song sheets including well known folk songs. This is an audience participation programme which they perform regularly at the "Jacob's Ladder Winter Weekends" but which is eminently suitable for house concerts, birthday and anniversary parties, social gatherings and fund raisers.

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While the Night Goes By
Judi 'n' Lynn Lewis
"While The Night Goes By"

Our first CD entitled
"While The Night Goes By"
is a collection of original songs written by Judi & Lynn, various family members and friends.
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Pecan Pie
Judi 'n' Lynn Lewis with Dvir Cafri
"Pecan Pie"

With the exception of the title track written by Lynn,
our second CD contains some of your favourite traditional country and folk songs.
The close harmonies are augmented by the voice of Dvir Cafri.

.... and in preparation:- ....

The funny side of life
.... and Lynn Lewis
"The Funny Side of Life"
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