While The Night Goes By
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Pecan Pie
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Pecan Pie

TzoraFolk CD-003
A collection of traditional bluegrass and acoustic country music favourites.

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  • 01. Swing Low Sweet Chariot* - [3:19] - -traditional

  • 02. Cotton Fields* - [2:57] - traditional

  • 03. Groundhog - [2:23] - traditional

  • 04. In The Pines - [3:18] - traditional

  • 05. The Fox* - [3:48] - traditional

  • 06. Handsome Molly - [3:27] - traditional

  • 07. Pecan Pie* - [2:49] - Lyrics by Lynn Lewis ©, melody based on "St. Anne's Reel" - traditonal

  • 08. Fair & Tender Maidens* - [3:48] - traditional

  • 09. Insrumental Medley: The Forked Deer/Huckleberry Hornpipe/
              Whiskey Before Breakfast/Blackberry Blossom - [2:54] - traditional

  • 10. Roving Gambler - [3:03] - traditional

  • 11. Rabbit in the Log - [2:27] - traditional

  • 12. Jerusalem Moan* - [2:13] - traditional

    Judi Lewis - lead vocals
    Dvir Cafri* - tenor vocals
    Lynn Lewis - lead & baritone vocals, guitar,
         banjo, mandolin, laude, bass & Dobro,
         musical arrangements, recording & production
    Recorded at "TzoraFolk Home Studio"
    Kibbutz Tzora, 99803, Israel

    Graphic design: Lynn Lewis
    Photograph by Liron Lewis
    Background photograph courtesy of:

    (used with permission)

    © Judi 'n' Lynn Lewis 2009
  • While The Night Goes By

    TzoraFolk CD-001
    An elcectic collection of original songs including popular and traditional acoustic country music and ballads.

    You can hear some snippets of the highlighted tracks.

  • 01. Are You From Tzora? - 2:41 - Traditional: words adapted by Lynn Lewis

  • 02. Seasons Of Love - 2:58 - Words by Evelyn Chenkin, music by Judi Lewis ©

  • 03. While The Night Goes By - 2:25 - - Words & music by Ray Scudero ©

  • 04. Dinkle Is A Bum - 2:31 - Words & music by Lynn Lewis ©

  • 05. Lullaby In C - 2:59 - - Words & music by Ray Scudero ©, Hebrew translation by Rahel Jaskow

  • 06. HaGesher - 3:11 - Words by Daniel & Lynn Lewis, music by Lynn Lewis ©

  • 07. Picture Puzzle Way - 4:14 - Words & music by Ray Scudero ©

  • 08. Light Another Candle - 4:05 - Words & music by Ray Scudero ©

  • 09. The Street - 4:33 - - Words by Evelyn Chenkin, music by Ray Scudero ©

  • 10. I Knew I'd Always Love You - 2:02 - Words & music by Ray Scudero ©

  • 11. The Orchard - 4:41 - Words & music by Ray Scudero ©

  • 12. Where The Soul Never Dies - 3:01 - - Traditional

    Songs by Ray Scudero © used with permission

    Lead vocals; Judi Lewis
    Lead & harmony vocals and all instruments: Lynn Lewis
    Musical arrangements, recording and production: Lynn Lewis
    Recorded at "TzoraFolk Home Studio"
    Kibbutz Tzora, 99803, Israel

    Graphic design: Joanna Katzen
    Front cover art: Liron Lewis
    Photography: Errol Sapir
    Notes: Judi Ganchrow

    To succeed, musical husband and wife duos require enduring love, a good measure of respect and plenty of "give and take". Music was certainly a common interest when Lynn and Judi Lewis first met more than 30 years ago. With his love for playing bluegrass (guitar, banjo, mandolin, dobro) and her love of singing they immediately hit it off. Based at Kibbutz Tzora in Israel, this very special husband and wife team has been performing in perfect harmony for more than 20 years. Not surprisingly, this CD includes songs about the love experienced throughout every phase of life's journey, their individual styles blending beautifully to provide a uniquely Lewis sound with a hint of Nashville here and there.

    More than half the songs on this album were drawn from the wealth of works created by their close friend, Ray Scudero. Other pieces were written by Lynn, Judi and Judi's mother, Evelyn Chenkin, and the entire CD was arranged, recorded and produced by Lynn, thus making it a real family affair.

    As the Night Goes By was conceived with the love and support of family and friends and while the birth was slow in coming, the product is well nurtured and expresses its very own joi d'vivre for good listening.

      Judi Ganchrow


    Jill Rogoff wrote in "FolkNotes" - September 2004.

    While the Night Goes By - Judi 'n' Lynn Lewis

    At long last, we have been treated to an entire album of Judi and Lynn Lewis's music. They have been promising us this for quite some time, but it was well worth the wait. From the very first musical phrases - an effervescent "run" (or is it "riff"?) on Lynn's banjo - the listener is swept into a world of warmth and vibrancy.

    And a truly family project it has been: apart from singing on most of the tracks, Judi also contributed a melody for one of her mother's sets of lyrics (Seasons of Love). For his part, Lynn not only sings and plays all the instruments (superbly, as ever), but also arranged, recorded and produced the entire album; furthermore, he wrote the music and lyrics to two of the other songs (one, HaGesher, in cooperation with their son Daniel). In addition, Judi's mother wrote the lyrics for two of the tracks.

    A particular delight with this album is that we get a chance to hear lots of Judi's singing. Her very heart is in her voice. It has a lovely haunting quality, full of expression and soul. I hope that future albums will showcase Judi�s vocals to a similar degree.

    Lynn's singing is a pleasure to listen to, also. When singing solo, the special quality of his voice is always evident, but when he sings in harmony with Judi, he never overshadows her. His harmonies always sound right and natural. May I be corny and say that this is obviously a marriage not 'just' of two hearts, but also of two voices?

    Another thing that strikes me is the fine balance of sound throughout the album: the banjo, in particular, sounds alive, yet is never overpowering. The same can be said for all of Lynn's tasteful arrangements. Some of them took me quite by surprise: I have been listening to Israel's veteran country couple for a long time, and don't remember their live arrangements on some of the numbers being quite so bluegrass-y. It's refreshing when there's a difference between what someone plays in a live performance and what they'll do in a recording studio. This certainly kept my ears on their toes (so to speak - don't try to imagine that too graphically!) while I was listening to the album.

    For me, an additional pleasure is the fact that this album includes no fewer than seven tracks written by Ray Scudero (one of them, Ray's setting of lyrics by Judi's mother). This is the largest number of Scudero numbers on one album other than Ray's own recordings. Of these, Light Another Candle was totally new to me, and The Orchard and I Knew I'd Always Love You are particular favourites of mine. I hope that Lynn and Judi will sing and record more of Ray's rich output in the years to come, because they suit the songs (and vice versa) to a T.

    Listening to and watching Judi and Lynn in live performance is always a special delight � with Lynn's wit and humour in full swing, and a twinkle in all their respective eyes and voices; this album allows the listener to enjoy the charm and spirit of their performance in the comfort of their own home.

    - Jill Rogoff

    Jill's web site: http://www.jillrogoff.com/

    A remarkable collection of songs by Judi 'n' Lynn, presented with clarity and warmth and produced with great attention to detail. Listening to the disc gave me a sense of pride and joy. I thank you and may this be the first of many more.

      Mike Levine
      Artistic Director
      The Israel Stage Orchestra, Holon

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