Directions for users.

These files are now updated and would contain photographs - but I'm having a problem with them ..... don't hold your breath.

1. Wait for ALL of the tree icon to appear in the boxes above and then click on one to load the pedigree view of the family tree of your choice.
This will take several seconds depending on the speed of your computer. The ISAACS-HARING tree is the largest and depending on my success in getting it to work properly will contain well over 60,000 names (YES that's right) in which case it may take a minute or two to load. The other trees are much smaller and should load pretty quickly.

2. The root person will be shown in BLUE.

3. All persons in the direct blood line of the root person (parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, etc.) will be shown in RED.

4. All other persons with a genetic connection to the root person (uncles, aunts and cousins) will be shown in GREEN.

5. Everyone else will be shown in BLACK. This includes the spouses of individuals, including the spouse of the root person, who have no genetic connection.

6. You can change the root person by choosing a name you recognise (a parent or grandparent) and/or highlighting the name of the individual from the full index or searching for a name in the filtered index and then clicking on the light blue triangular icon.

Unfortunately the names living persons are not shown due to complaints from a number of people who are concerned with identity theft. This makes identifying living persons difficult but it's one of today's problems with which we have to live. Living persons are only indicated with the name "LIVING" followed by a Ref. number in parentheses. If you have a problem finding yourself, send me an email and I'll give you the reference number which will identify you.

7. If you get lost, use the red triangular icons to navigate back and forth.

Now go for it and I hope you enjoy your visit.


Some users have experienced difficulty in getting this programme to run. In my case the problem has occured with the latest version of Windows XP when the tree icon has failed to appear. A similar problem occurs with the "interne tree" on the Family Tree Maker and on the web sites.

  • If you have "pop-ups" blocked, allow pop-ups for this site. If this still prevents the icon from showing:
  • you may have to reconfigure your Java settings or load the requisite files.
    A very full answer is given in the FAQs at
  • I found that by installing the files from the download page at as suggested by and allowing the popups solved my problem.

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