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My name is Lynn Lewis (formerly Roselofsky) and I am the webmaster for this site. Below are my main family branches (i.e. direct blood lines) which include the following surnames (with their spelling variations). A complete list of all surnames can be found in the data base indices.

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I started recording our family tree (without the use of a computer) back in 1986 as part of a bar mitzvah project for my eldest son, Daniel. My late mother Elizabeth (Bessie) nee Isaacs was staying with us at the time and provided from memory some 300 names. She told me that her uncle, Sollie Isaacs, together with one of his uncles, had gone from synagogue to synagogue in London and traced the family back to the late 1600's when Oliver Cromwell allowed the Jews back into England. Unfortunately his records were never found but I always had hopes of equalling his achievement. Now, with the help of the Internet and research by other family members, we have not only found that lost information but discovered records of our ancestors going back to the 15th. Century.

While space on this web site is no longer limited, as yet I've been unable to include all notes and citations. Those of you who are interested in obtaining further information on family members are more than welcome to contact me and I'll be happy to share any data in my possession. I hope you enjoy the site.

Best wishes

Our Ancestral Surnames

Lynn's branches:
Abendana, Aires / Ayres Mezurado, Alfarin, Baruch, Baruch Pardo, Baruch Rosa, Boekvercoper, Cabrera, Coezijn / Couzijn / Cozijn, de Cordova, Cohen, Cohen Faro, Cohen Lobatto, Coronel, Crespo, Dias, Dias Arias, Drago, Fidanque, Fishstein / Fishtine / Fistel, Franco, Franco da Costa, Frankfort / Frankfurt, Gompers (Emmerich), Gompert, Gompertz, Gomperz, Gonzales, Hamburger, Haring, Henriquez, Henriques de Mesquita, Homem, Hondtje, Isaacs, Joseph, Josephs, Kurk, Leeuwarden, Levi-Prins, Levie, Levie Rotterdam, Levie Schoelapper, Lewis, Lido Lindez, Lopes, Lopes Cardozo, Lopes Pinto, Machado, Manuel, Mendoza, Mezurado/Miserade, Nunes, Nunes de Mercado, Nunes Pina, Orobio, Orobio de Castro, Palache, Pareira / Pereira, Pareira / Pereira Mendoza, Pardo, Park, Poerim Mannheim, Pas, de Paz, Pelser, Perez Coronel, Pezaro, Pimentel, Pina, de Pinto, Provencal, Regensburg / Rungsberg, Reshelofsky / Roggelofsky / Rosalofsky / Roselofsky / Rosolofsky, Rotterdam Segal, del Rio, Sacutto / Zacuto, de Salazar, Santen / Sante / Zante / Zanten, Saraiva / Sarayva, Sarfaty, Sarfaty Pina, Sarfaty de Pina, van Seijst / Sijs / Sijes, da Silva, Speijer, da Silva Roza, Senior, Senior Coronel, Swaab, Tartas, Teixeira Tartas, Vieijra / Vieyra, Verdoner Metche, Werkendam.

Lynn's wife: Judi Chenkin's branches:
Chenkin, Freedman, Galinsky, Gaida / Goide / Gojdo, Grodzinski / Grodzenchik, Halisher, Kleyser / Kleiser / Glazier, Nussbrecher.

Lynn & Judi's grandchildren: Tali & Zohar Katzeff's paternal branch:
Bock, Bruckmann, David, Elk, Heimann, Katzeff, Lewinsohn, Margolis, Moses, Schloss, Simon, Strauss, Wolf.

Lynn & Judi's granddaughter: Lia Sara Lewis' maternal branch:
Axelrod, Glassman, Gorenstein, Grossman, Ornstein, Za'arur.


No records are shown for any living individuals nor for those not recorded as being deceased. As the web site is not just for a single family name, this will obviously make it difficult, if not impossible, to trace the relationship between the various family branches, or even for living individuals to find the initial link, but the general concern regarding identity theft makes this step necessary. My apologies to all researchers who are inconvenienced. Interested parties may get in touch with me directly by email.
Kind regards
Lynn Lewis

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  • In accordance with Internet protocol, details of living persons, other than their names, have been removed.
  • Any person who OBJECTS to their name being included in this data base may contact me and it will be removed immediately.
  • Not all of the data included was researched by me. Many people and sources were used, much of it from the Internet. I have credited most of the contributors on the appropriate page.
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  • If you find any data which may be the result of your research and you do NOT OBJECT to having it published on this site, please contact me and I will add your name to the list of credits.

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