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Emanuel Calme=Kalman Cohen (Haringman), birth ± 1756 Amsterdam, Holland, died 17 Dec 1824 Amsterdam, Holland, son of Kalman Cohen and Marianne Emanuel
Emanuel Kalman Cohen is also known as Emanuel Kalman Haringman andsometimes uses the first name Alexander.
In 1812 he asked for the name Haringman for himself and three sons and 2daughters, two grandsons and 2 granddaughters. one son chose to remainCohen.
On his death certificate Jesajas Samuel Dresden is listed as a "neef"which can be a cousin or nephew in English.

Married notice 1782 753-172 Verdooner
Married 18 Oct 1782 Amsterdam, Holland to:
Judith Grietje Abraham (Rungsberg), birth 1761 Amsterdam, Holland, died 1824 Amsterdam, Holland, daughter of Abraham Alexander and Bessie Pes Meyer
She is known as Judic Abraham Rungeberg=Regensburg and also as GrietjeAbrahams. Her family later took the name Haring. When she married theydid not have a family name only a "kinnui".
1) Calme Kalman Emanuel Cohen (Haring), birth 1782 Amsterdam, Holland, died 22 Jul 1849
In 1821 and 1822 he uses the name Haring and not Haringman. in 1837uses Calman Haring. in 1815 was kleerkoper and in 1837 wolkaarder. in1815 oude kleerekoper. He was married three times. His third wife was hisniece.

Married 28 Jul 1809 658-264x, Amsterdam Holland to:
Naatje Isaac Cohen/ Schreeuwer, birth 1789 Amsterdam, Holland, died 1833, daughter of Isaac Emanuel Cohen and Anna Levie
2) Abraham Emanuel Cohen, birth 1785 Amsterdam, Holland, died 10 Dec 1859 Den Helder, Holland
They did not take the name Haringman and remained cohen.

Married 21 Jun 1807 Amsterdam, Holland to:
Judith (Beek) Philip, birth Amsterdam, Holland, died 22 Jun 1857 Den Helder, Holland, daughter of Philip Beek and Mrs. Beek
3) Isaac Emanuel Cohen (Haringman), birth ± 1787 Amsterdam, Holland, died 14 Feb 1866 Amsterdam, Holland
in 1815 groenteverkoper, in 1834 venter, in 1838 winkelier, in 1840, 1842and 1853 sjouwer.

Married 11 Nov 1808 Amsterdam, Holland to:
Rebecca (Abrahams) Grishaber (Jochem), birth 1790 Amsterdam, Holland, died 17 Nov 1884 Amsterdam, Holland, daughter of Jochem Isaac Grishaber and Rebecca Marcus (Beccar)
Rebecca Jochem Chrishaber alias Rebecca Abraham, Rebecca Krishouwer andGrishauwer
4) Annatje (Hanna Emanuel) Cohen (Haringman), birth 1791 Amsterdam, Holland, died 9 Dec 1845 Amsterdam, Holland
She is Naatje emanuel Haringman and also known as Hanna and annatje bornin 1791

Married 27 Aug 1813 Amsterdam, Holland to:
Mozes Barend Bruinvels, birth 1788 Amsterdam, Holland, died 18 Dec 1850 Amsterdam, Holland, son of Barend Isaac Bruinvels and Sara Mozes Zetten
5) Betje Emanuel Haring Cohen, birth ± 1802 Amsterdam, Holland
Married 31 Dec 1828 Amsterdam, Holland to:
Salomon Abraham Walvis, birth 19 Sep 1801 Amsterdam, Holland, son of Abraham Jonas Walvis and Sara Goudsmit
6) Nijle Cohen (Haringman), birth ± 1803 Amsterdam, Holland
ishe is known as Myle EManuel Haringman born abt. 1803
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