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Abraham Alexander, birth 1733 Amsterdam, Holland, died 8 Jul 1790 Amsterdam, Holland, buried Muiderberg, Holland, son of Alexander Moses and Anna Aron
Married Amsterdam, Holland to:
Bessie Pes Meyer, birth 1736 Amsterdam, Holland, died 21 Mar 1811 Amsterdam, Holland, buried Zeeburg, Holland, daughter of Meyer Abraham and Anna Channa David Cohen
1) Jesaya Abraham Haring Abraham (Rungsberg), birth 1756 Amsterdam, Holland, died 1827 Amsterdam, Holland
Married notice 1778 750-330 Verdooner
Married 1778 Amsterdam, Holland to:
Vogeltje Fegle Jacob Herwis, birth 1756 Amsterdam, Holland, died 1828 Amsterdam, Holland, buried Muiderberg, Holland, daughter of Jacob Mozes Herwis and NN NN
2) Alexander Abraham (Rungsberg), birth 1757 Amsterdam, Holland, died Jul 1811 Amsterdam, Holland
Married notice 1783 753-432 Verdooner
Married 1783 Amsterdam, Holland to:
Judith\Judik 'Philip' Levie, birth 1763 Amsterdam, Holland, died 3 Nov 1831 Amsterdam, Holland 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Philip Moses Levie and NN NN
3) Judith Grietje Abraham (Rungsberg), birth 1761 Amsterdam, Holland, died 1824 Amsterdam, Holland
She is known as Judic Abraham Rungeberg=Regensburg and also as GrietjeAbrahams. Her family later took the name Haring. When she married theydid not have a family name only a "kinnui".

Married notice 1782 753-172 Verdooner
Married 18 Oct 1782 Amsterdam, Holland to:
Emanuel Calme=Kalman Cohen (Haringman), birth ± 1756 Amsterdam, Holland, died 17 Dec 1824 Amsterdam, Holland, son of Kalman Cohen and Marianne Emanuel
Emanuel Kalman Cohen is also known as Emanuel Kalman Haringman andsometimes uses the first name Alexander.
In 1812 he asked for the name Haringman for himself and three sons and 2daughters, two grandsons and 2 granddaughters. one son chose to remainCohen.
On his death certificate Jesajas Samuel Dresden is listed as a "neef"which can be a cousin or nephew in English.
4) David Abraham Haring Herringman, birth 1763 Amsterdam, Holland, died 1815 Amsterdam, Holland
Married notice 1785 755-129 Verdooner
Married 1785 Amsterdam, Holland to:
Femmetje Frumet Jacob Herwis, birth 1762
5) Anna Abraham Haring Abraham, birth 1767 Amsterdam, Holland
Married notice 1787 756-420 Verdooner
Married 1787 Amsterdam, Holland to:
Simon Samson Matthijs Schweid, birth 1762 Amsterdam, Holland, son of Matthijs Simon Samson Schweid and Judith Gitche Abraham Schats-Segal
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