The Monis Family
from Livorno (Leghorn), Grand Duchy of Tuscany
  • The family crest above is of Italian origin.
  • Nickname surnames were derived from an eke-name, or added name. They usually reflected the physical characteristics or attributes of the first person that used the name. The surname Monis came from a fierce or strong man. In some cases, the name Manni may have arisen as an occupational name.
  • Livorno listen (help·info), traditionally called Leghorn (pronounced "Leggun") in English, is a port city on the Ligurian Sea on the western edge of Tuscany, Italy. It is the capital of the Province of Livorno.
  • The Jewish community of Livorno, although the youngest among the historic Jewish communities of Italy, was for some time the foremost because of the wealth, scholarship, and political rights of its members. The first traces of a Jewish settlement are found about 1583. The endeavors of the Medici to promote the growth of the city and of the harbor brought in many new settlers; and Spanish Marranos also found a refuge there in 1590. In 1591, and again in 1593, a charter of Ferdinando I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany assured all persons desiring to settle at Livorno, including Jews, the most extensive rights and privileges. Many Jews were attracted by this promise; and the community of Pisa received the privilege of founding a branch at Livorno with a synagogue and cemetery. In 1597 the Jews of Livorno received as a community autonomous rights, and the synagogue was built in 1603.

  • Festa della Legge (Simchat Torà)
    in the Synagogue of Livorno, 1850

    Coat of Arms of Livorno

    10th. Generation

    5th. great grand aunt

    • Solomon 'Isaac' MONIS
      Born: 1713 Livorno (Leghorn), Toscana, Italy
    • Marriage Notice: 31 May 1740 "Jewish Marriages in Amsterdam"
    • married: c.1754 to:

    • Children:

      1. Sarah 'Solomon' MONIS married
          Aaron 'David' NUNES NABARRO

      2. Rachel 'Solomon' MONIS married
          Daniel de SOUZA PIMENTEL

    • Synagogual Marriage: "Portuguese Marriages" [#2220]

    • Children:

      1. Jacob 'Solomon' MONIS married
          Esther 'Isaac' JUDA RODRIGUEZ PASQUAL

      2. Esther 'Solomon' MONIS married
          Moses 'Solomon' LEVY MADURO

      3. Samson 'Solomon' MONIS married
          Deborah 'Isaac' JUDA RODRIGUEZ PASQUAL

      4. Clara 'Solomon' MONIS
          Born: 28 Sep 1760

      5. Abraham 'Solomon' MONIS
          Born: 10 Apr 1768

      6. Hannah 'Solomon' MONIS
          Born: 20 Jan 1772

    Next Generation

    To be continued ...................

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