The Bravo Family
from Atienza, Guadalajara and Segovia, Castilla y Leon, Spain

Coat of Arms of Guadalajara

  • Atienza is a municipality located in the province of Guadalajara, Spain and the birthplace of Juan Bravo de Mendoza.


    21st. Generation


    • Gonzalo de Ortega BRAVO de LAGUNA
        Born: c.1457 Berlanga de Duero, Soria, Castile and León, Spain
        Title: Governor of Atienza, Guadalajara, Spain
        Died: Aug 1487 Cordova, Andalusia, Spain
        Buried: Collegiate Church of Berlanga de Duero, Soria, Castile and León, Spain
    • Married: c.1482

    • Gonzalo was the twin brother of Don Juan de Ortega BRAVO de LAGUNAS, Bishop of Ciudad Rodrigo, Calahorra and Coria.

    20th. Generation


    • Married: 1504 to:
    1. Catalina del RIO
        Born: c.1484
        Died before 1510
        Buried: Muñoveros, Segovia, Castile, Spain

    • Child:

      • Maria de MENDOZA
          Born: c.1505

    Statue of Juan Bravo in Segovia

    • Married: 1510 to:
    1. Maria CORONEL

    • Children of second marriage:

      1. Andrea BRAVO de MENDOZA

      2. Juan BRAVO de MENDOZA

    • After his first marriage Juan Bravo moved to Segovia.
    • In October 1519 he was appointed alderman and chief of the militia of Segovia.
    • Together with Juan Lopez de Padilla and Francisco Maldonado he fought against the troops of King Carlos I (Holy Roman Emperor Charles V) in the Castilian War of the Communities. After their defeat at the Battle of Villalar he and the other leaders of the revolt were executed by beheading.

    The Execution of the Comuneros of Castile, by Antonio Gisbert.
    Juan Bravo allegedly asked to die first, so as not to witness the death of so good a knight as Padilla.

        There is a confilct of information between the details that I originally recorded and that available on the internet.

        1. Cataline or Catalina del RIO is shown in my original files as being the wife of Juan PEREZ CORONEL, son of Abraham SENIOR.
          • Other sources show her as the first wife of Juan BRAVO de MENDOZA.

        2. The wife of Juan BRAVO de MENDOZA is originally recorded as Maria, daughter of Inigo LOPES CORONEL al CAMERERO, son of Abraham SENIOR.
          • Other sources show Maria CORONEL, a daughter of Abraham Senior, as being the second wife of wife of Juan BRAVO de MENDOZA.


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