The Haring Crest

I came across a web site which listed all of the municipalities in the Netherlands and the Provinces in which they are situated which was useful for adding information to individual places of birth, marriage and death in the family tree. However the main interest of the site is flags. Towards the bottom of the list I was intrigued to find "Fish Shop Flags".

In February 1966, the Dutch governmental organization for the promotion of fish-selling in the Netherlands sanctioned a new flag for herring (haring) shops and stands. The site, with further information, can be found HERE.

Photograph from a blog with a broken link.

My closest Dutch born relative was my maternal grandmother, Rosa Haring who was born in Amsterdam. My maternal grandfather's mother was Betsy Haring. My grandfather's grandparents were also from The Netherlands. Some of you will know that my grandparents had a fish shop in Leman Street in the East End of London. My grandfather and several of his brothers as well as his uncle and his son's were all fishmongers and well known at Billingsgate fish market. Although they used the name Isaacs in the U.K. the original Dutch surname was Pelser ...... which translates to pilchard or sardine.

If that isn't enough, my paternal grandmother's family is Fishstein and a 5th. great grandmother was a Fischman.

What could be more appropriate for a family of fishmongers with the names Haring and Pelser than this symbol. I don't know if we can borrow it officially but I have enquired.

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