The Lewis Family Tree Project


Begun seriously in 1986 as a bar Mitzvah project for my eldest son, Daniel, we started with about 600 names gleaned entirely from the memories of my late mother, Elizabeth "Bessie" Lewis nee Isaacs and my mother-in-law, Evelyn Chenkin nee Freedman and written on scrolls of paper (the first one was some 5 metres long and contained names only - no dates). Today we have nearly 27,000 names thanks to family, friends and the Internet.

    Particular thanks and appreciation for their help, research endeavours and contribiutions must be
    made to the following who have provided invaluable information in the compilation of these pages:
(in no particular order)
  • Elizabeth (Isaacs) Lewis z''l
  • Evelyn (Freedman) Chenkin
  • Julie Isaacs z''l
  • Yetta (Haring) Freedman
  • Suzi Sandler - Isaacs/Pelser
  • Frank P. Vischschraper
  • Meriam Haringman
  • Corinna (Santen) Gerlach
  • Zvi Silver - Pereira Mendoza
  • Seta Likuski - Palache/Fidanque
  • Steve Weiss - Sacutto/Zacuto
  • Lica Buddelmeijer - Haring/Kloot
  • Ornit Hadar - Senior Coronel
  • Maurie Prendergast - Pereira Mendoza
  • Judith Berlowitz - Belinfante/de Cordova
  • Arthur Prince - Levie Prins/Boekverkoper
  • Ronald Wallace - Querido & Zwart
  • Sadie (v. Hoorn) Berman z''l - Santen
  • Jonathan (Hennipseel) Ansell - Santen
  • Marsha Westbrook - Haring/Kloot
  • Joop Vetger - Coezijn/Couzijn/Cozijn
  • Anthony Rabin - Rabinowitz & Freedman
  • Erle Findlay-Shaw - Haag & Scheffer
  • Rabbi Nachum Aronson - Alvares Veiga
  • Rob het van Groenewoud - Rimini
  • Ernest Gompers - Gompers Emmerich
  • Adam Philipp - Gompers
  • David Coren -Senior Coronel
  • Sjef Kesnar -da Silva Roza
  • "Bunty" (Santen) Davis
  • Sandra Scarlett - Isaacs/Haring
  • Arnold Rothberg - Kleyser
  • Jonathan Grodzinski
  • Bob Drilsma - Vieijra
  • Tom z''l & Benno Sarfaty
  • Jeffrey Gale - Galinsky
  • Roni Hermony - Fishstein
  • Alun Pinkus - Fishstein
  • Fred Fiota - Buitenkant
  • Michael Bolle van Ham - Bolle
    ....................... more to follow
  • Some of the above mentioned have their own genealogical web sites.
    Those that are publicly accessible are listed below.
    For others you will need a user name and password.
    To make contact please send me an email and I'll try and put you in touch with them.
    E-mail to Lynn Lewis

    Those of you descended from or researching the Mendoza family will find CasaMendoza of particular use and interest.
    Just click on the picture and follow the instructions.

    Another related group for members of the Hart family will find the HartHunters link useful.
    Just click on the picture and follow the instructions.

    The following web sites have also provided a wealth of information:

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