Update - 25th. March, 2014


The next event of glamour and excitement
at The Tzora Folk Club will be on

18th. April, 2014
next to
"The Gallery/Moadon"
(formerly "The Pub")
Kibbutz Tzora

Roadworks are now finished and there is a nice new roundabout at the Kibbutz main entrance.

This month
"We're going on a picnic."
PICNIC at KIBBUTZ TZORA on Friday 18th April organized by the Tzora Folk Club.
We offer you a day out for all the family.
The program for the day will include jam sessions (that you can join in with or just listen to) and a sing-along.
We'll meet at 11.00 on the grass by the PUB / ART STUDIO / WINERY:

Between 11.30 and 14:30 Jam Sessions and Sing-along with song sheets.

Bring your musical instruments, chairs and a picnic lunch.
There is not much shade so if any of you have beach umbrellas please bring them.
We will provide tea and coffee and ask you to bring cold drinks and cake/biscuits to put out for general consumption.
Looking forward to seeing you
Judi & Lynn
Friday, 18th. April
from 11:00 a.m.
Kibbutz Tzora (near Beit Shemesh)
Next to the old "Pub"
For details:
Tel. 02 9908382   Mobile: 050-7348061 or email:

See the articles (in Hebrew) from
"T'mura Beit Shemesh and Mateh Yehuda" and
"B'Kitsoor - The Newspaper of Mateh Yehuda"
about Judi 'n' Lynn and the Tzora Folk Club's 25th. anniversary celebration.

Judi 'n' Lynn are planning to present music events on the last Thursday of every month hosting “concerts” given by artists within our folk community.

We will be continuing our policy of encouraging budding artists and will welcome any new performer on our "open stage" events whenever possible BUT this will depend on the main event of the evening.
Please contact us to confirm that we will be having time for an open stage section.

Looking forward to seeing y'all.

For general details including a map for out of towners, see the "Tzora Folk Club" Page.

For a monthly reminder about the Tzora Folk Club, why not get on our e-mailing list? Details of the next evening of glamour and excitement are sent out a couple of days beforehand. Just e-mail a request for inclusion on the list and leave the rest to us.

All of our good friends who helped us celebrate Judi's 60th. birthday bash. Thank you for your presence and your presents. Now all of "your smiling faces" get to be featured on this page.

Note that due to joining several photographs together to produce a panoramic view, Shay Tochner has become Siamese twins - sorry Shay.
He actually looks as though "he's beside himself with worry".
Thanks also to those of you who were unable to attend but sent messages of congratulations.

Some kind webmaster has posted a page about our club and some of our performers in at Qube

Well we've finally made the international "big time" on the worldwide web. A profile of Judi 'n' Lynn and The Tzora Folk Club was published in the November, 2002 edition of Vancouver's "ISLAND BLUEGRASS NEWSLETTER" and our thanks go to TJAC (Jack Townsend) and his staff for including us.


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The photograph below is from The Jacob's Ladder Winter Festival 2008 and shows Joshua Goodman accompanying Judi 'n' Lynn.

Photograph courtesy of Ilan Rosen whose work, which includes many pictures from several Jacob's Ladder Festivals, can be seen at

A little humour

"Musicians' Hell"

"Elevator Music"

While Larry Rosenfeld and I (Lynn Lewis) really appreciate all the praise that we receive at Jacob's Ladder and to a lesser degree, the critisism and complaints and while I'm sure we're truly "flattered" at being mistaken for Menachem Vinegrad, at the end of the day we'd rather be recognized for ourselves. In order to help you see the difference between the three of us I have included this photograph (Larry and I have removed our hats so that our obvious good looks are even more apparent.) I don't recall who took the photograph but it was with Menachem's camera so it must have been someone that he knew and trusted - the name will be published when known.

"The Three Stooge Managers"

Thanks to Judi Ganchrow for this one - seems she had me in mind ....... LL

If you musicians thought you had transportation problems, check this guy out. This must be a "Gigolin" - the F5000 model for those who know:-


New Features

Due to the glut of C.D.'s recently released by folk clubbers, I've now added a C.D. Showcase where you can see at a glance what is available.

FolkN o t e s

Unfortunately the "Folk N o t e s" archives are no longer available.

In a report from the engine dealing with searches made on this site, I read, with much interest I might add, that two searches were made for "hot sexy girls". With all due respect for the temperatures and libidos of our performers of the female persuasion, I have to advise the searcher BOY ... DID YOU COME TO THE WRONG FOLK CLUB. However if you found anything of interest that I've missed, I'd be pleased to hear from you.

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