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Links to sites featuring Folk, Blues, Country, Acoustic and Bluegrass Music in Israel and elsewhere, that may or may not be of interest to you ....... or your brother-in-law.

Folk Clubs in Israel

Tzora Folk Club

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We're South of "the Petach Tikvah line" but are open to members of all persuasions.
Held on the last Thursday of the month at Kibbutz Tzora, near Beit Shemesh.
Judi 'n' Lynn Lewis
TFC-Logo (02) 9908382 E-mail Judi 'n' Lynn Lewis
Serving the Folk Community North of "The Petah Tikvah Line".
Held on 1st. Thursday of the month at Moadon Na'amat.
Larry Rosenfeld
TFC-Logo (04) 9902455 E-mail Larry Rosenfeld
Tel Aviv Folk Club
Serving the Folk Community on "The Petah Tikvah Line".
Held on the 1st. & 3rd. Wednesdays of the month at
"Bikurei Ha'Itim", 6, Heftman St., Tel Aviv.
Ariela Orion
TFC-Logo (03) 6837441 E-mail Ariela Orion
Beth Shemesh Music Night
Serving the Folk Community in the Beth Shemesh area and held in the homes of those who volunteer them.
Robi Shmerling
TFC-Logo (02) 9992106 E-mail Robi Shmerling
Bluegrass, Blues, Folk,
Country & Acoustic Music in Israel
The Annual Folk, Country,
Blues & Bluegrass Festival in Israel
plus the Winter Weekend
Get the latest information about the NEXT Festival.

The Israel Folk Community

Who's doing what, with whom, when and where plus forum where you can discuss why.
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A series of classes in Bluegrass with instruction from
Avery Ellisman (fiddle, mandolin & contra-bass) &
Lynn Lewis (guitar, banjo & Dobro).
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On-line Magazines
"Cybergrass" The Internet Bluegrass Music Magazine
Everything you ever wanted to know about Bluegrass.
The Original Bluegrass Magazine
Visit iBluegrass Magazine

Another good on-line Bluegrass Magazine
Internet Radio & Down-loadable Music
"Into the Blue" - A weekly Bluegrass program
(listen on line or download MP3's)

Live concerts from "The Station Inn" (also downloadable)

Links to other
Bluegrass, Folk, Country
& Acoustic Music
Web Rings & Sites
elsewhere in the World
This site is run by Mike Holmes with whom Paul and I played at the I.F.S. Folk club in Jerusalem during January 1999 (See the "Photo Galleries" for pictures). A great site for those interested in the banjo (and other instruments).
The Southwest Pickers site is run by SOUTHWEST TRADITIONAL & BLUEGRASS MUSIC ASSOCIATION. of which John Cushman (who played at Tzora's February Folk Club) is a member. John is The Pastor of the Covenant Presbyterian Church where the Pickers meet. The church recently had a tree planting as part of "Yad B Yad". This is a partnership with the Jewish community in Alberquerque.
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