Lakeside Ramblers -George Garbutt, Ross Gould, Karen Knox and Marlene Bernier are shown picking in the wilds of Cluculz Lake in British Columbia, Canada.  The group was chosen BCBGA’s band of the year in 1999, 2000 and 2001. George promises an exciting new look for the band in 2003.  The Lakeside Ramblers host the Cluculz Lake Bluegrass and Country Jamboree held in March and October of each year.

Contact the band through or visit their site



Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

IBN 02/11


Editor’s Notes

Calendar Updates

Profile – Judi and Lynn Lewis

Letters To The IBN

CD Reviews – BC’s own Jenny Lester and Prairie Flyer of WA

Prince Edward Island’s Awards Night Winners

Letter Quick



Editor’s Notes

Welcome to you all from Canada’s hotbed of artistic endeavor and moderate winter temperatures, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  It is hard to believe that November has come and gone so quickly. Laurene finally talked me into taking down our Costco tent although I felt it silly to pack away this barge sized rain blocker just in time to get it out five months from now.  Besides, I thought it would make a great Winter-In-Law shelter. Yet, it is that time of year when parking lot pickers move indoors and festival organizers put the final touches to the summer band schedule. It’s that time, too, when the die-hard Bluegrass musician Christmas-wraps a 40’s-Monroe CD pack and Inteltouch tuner for his spouse who doesn’t care to play a single lick. You know the guy, he’s the same one who tries to convince his wife to buy him a new D-28 because his D-18 is getting old and seems to be taking on a deep “woody” sound.  Anyway, welcome to this month’s issue and thank you for the many interesting letters we depend upon.





Calendar Updates

Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Jam – Open Microphone/Audience

December 01 and 15, 2002 (First and Third Sundays of the month)

Royal Canadian Legion – Branch 54

6726 Eustace Rd., Sooke, Vancouver Island, BC – Contact Eric at (250) 642-3553

Where Professionals and “Newbies” play together!  No Entry Fee!


Victoria Bluegrass Association (VBA)
Bluegrass Jam, Tuesdays at the Orange Hall, 1620 Fernwood, 7:30 PM.
Players of all levels welcome.  Players $2 - Listeners Free.
Contact: Larry Lawrence Statland 472-6483


"Five On A String"

 December 8th, 2:00PM $10.00 US
Nancy's Farm - 2030 East Smith Road Bellingham, WA 206-322-7936
Reservations: Ralph at (360) 966-0383 or Nancy at (360) 966-4640


The 4th Annual Portland Old-time Music Gathering
January 10 & 11, 2003
All events at The Norse Hall, NE Couch and 11th Ave,
Portland, Oregon
     For further information:


Profile:  Judi and Lynn Lewis of the Tzora Folk Club


Judi and Lynn Lewis met and married in the late 1960s.  United Kingdom born, the pair discovered similar interests that brought them together, not the least of which was their music. Lynn is a multi-instrumentalist with a solid background in early Pop Music, Country & Western, Bluegrass and Folk. In the early years, he played with established bluegrass bands in Britain. Judi is a Folk singer of exceptional talent in the style of Joan Baez.  She is a member of a choir that has performed extensively at international festivals. Judi performs with her husband singing country and bluegrass tunes as well as Folk.  They have lived in Israel for the past 22 years. They make their home in Kibbutz Tzora located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It was here, with the help of friends like David Menscher, organizer with the Jerusalem Folk Club, that Judi and Lynn’s dream of a local club became a reality.  Housed at the Kibbutz, the organization became known as the Tzora Folk Club. That was 14 years ago.  Over time, the Tzora Club has gained the respect of many individuals and musical organizations due in large part to the hard work and dedication of its organizers.


A lot of work and planning went into making the club a viable operation. “Being on a kibbutz,” Lynn recalled, “we were fortunate in that we didn’t have overhead costs as we held our monthly meetings in the Members’ Lounge.  We had a few contacts from the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Clubs plus a few home - grown singers from Tzora and neighboring kibbutzim (plural) so we managed to get enough performers to fill an evening. We advertised in the weekend entertainment and arts section of one of the English language newspapers and occasionally in a magazine mainly directed at tourists. We were soon getting a reasonable crowd, usually between 40 and 100 people including the musicians.”


Traveling artists from abroad rarely get the chance to play outside their professional commitments and those who come are usually performers booked for the summer annual “Jacob’s Ladder Festival.”  Club organizers, like Judi and Lynn, try to arrange a set at their respective clubs and host the artists for a few days each, allowing them to see different parts of the country.  House concerts are also arranged in a donated lounge and the entrance fees are given to the performer. Regional performers usually get 15-20 minutes on the floor, however, if they have traveled a long way to entertain, they are extended the courtesy of about an hour to play and subsequently reimbursed for their travel expenses. One of the Tzora Club’s incentives in lieu of payment is a page on Judi and Lynn’s website. It would include a performer’s small bio, photograph, perhaps a cut from the performer’s CD, contact information and schedule of their appearances.

For more information, contact Judi and Lynn at:


Thanks to Judi and Lynn for their time and infinite patience.  The website is certainly worth a look!



Thanks for the nice inclusion in your newsletter. We are pleased that the trip to IBMA seems to be working in our favor. We have an offer to work in Tennessee for a week in the spring, including possibly an evening at The Station Inn in Nashville! I have also received an email from Yvonne Pitre at the Évangeline Bluegrass Festival in Abram-Village, Prince Edward Island. They're asking about an appearance at their festival next summer - this one is directly attributable to you (or your newsletter.) Thanks again.

George De Vries – Foxtail Bluegrass Band in London, Ontario, Canada


Just a note to advise you and your readers that we are organizing the 1st Annual McCarty Flats Bluegrass and Old-time Music Festival to be held June 27/29th, 2003 at the fairgrounds in Boiestown, New Brunswick. Boiestown is the geographical center of NB, situated on Hwy#8 approximately 70 kilometers north of Fredericton; the Provincial Capital.  Thanks ever so much!   Bob and Corinne Taylor – N.B. Canada


Jack, I love the plain and simple layout in the newsletter and your relaxed style of writing.  Your unbiased approach to individual performers and bands of all levels and location is totally refreshing.  Ted and I traveled to the Maritime Provinces of Canada in 1999 where we managed to take in two bluegrass festivals.  What a thrill to read your recent reviews of the eastern bands we loved so much.  We hope your readers appreciate the many hours of unpaid work you put into each issue. We do!  Danella Kobias, Tucson, AZ. USA



CD Review Jenny Lester ‘s “Friends Like You”

Jenny Lester – Vocals/Fiddle          John Reischman – Mandolin           Nick Hornbuckle – Banjo

Byron Myhre – Fiddle         Paul Bergman – Bass       Chris Stevens & Koralee Tonack – Harmony


Jenny Lester is an accomplished fiddler, singer and songwriter and her love for bluegrass music is real.

She shines on this recording; her voice enriched with sweetness, clarity and power. Her timing is perfect, her presence made known and she is in control from beginning to end.  Jenny’s own songs, Friends Like You, Send Down An Angel and The River, Mother Nature And You are beautifully structured and filled with feeling. If you listen carefully you can almost hear the beating of her longing heart. Behind Jenny is a supporting cast of seasoned performers, each one a soloist in their own right. Friends Like You grows on the listener with each playing.  The subtleties of sound from traditional bluegrass history mix with modern expressions of free spirit on this little diamond and its not likely you will catch it all the first time. It’s a keeper! The session, recorded in British Columbia, was produced and directed by John Reischman and engineered by Bob Hamilton.  For great info: or



 PEI Awards Night held Nov 23, 2002 at the Confederation Center in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Male Artist: Lester MacPherson            Female Artist: Cynthia MacLeod           Songwriter: Mark Haines
International Artist: Richard Wood        Group: Fiddler's Sons             Weekend Warrior: Roy MacCaull and Friends
Roots/Traditional: Cynthia MacLeod    Classical: Keland Wedge         New Artist: Cynthia MacLeod
Country Artist: Lester MacPherson      Bluegrass Artist: Janet McGarry          Instrumental Artist: Cynthia MacLeod

Gospel Artist: Jericho Road                 Blues/Jazz Artist: The Jive Kings          Pop/Rock/Alter Artist: Ninth Hour
Album: Head Over Heels (Cynthia MacLeod)                Entertainer: Neil Matthews

My thanks go to Charlie Hansen – CFCY Radio Personality and member of the Janet McGarry Band.

IBN sends Bluegrass Congratulations to Janet McGarry and to Jericho Road on their prestigious awards.


Jack, have a look at this!  One of our listeners picked it off a group site. Al Cole - Alliance Radio 
Al, Thanks for the info! Your listener was probably viewing the NWBluegrass Group Site at I believe this little gem appeared there recently!  Joe Ross is the Moderator. 





The aging movie star went in to have her face lifted for the third time.  The Surgeon found he couldn’t do it again, so he lowered her body instead!


CD Review: Prairie Flyer performs “Prairie Flyer”

Jim Faddis – Guitar/vocals               Richard Doble – Lead Guitar/vocals              Dave Hackwith -Bass

Andre Vachon - Resophonic Guitar/ Mandolin            Jason Stewart – Banjo, vocals


Following the success of their first album, recorded under the name The Barley Brothers band in 2001, Washington’s new and improved Prairie Flyers have done it again with the release of a new CD entitled “Prairie Flyer”.  If you are familiar with their previous album, you will be delighted with the carry-over of vibrant solo work, close harmonies and instrumental magic for which the band is so popular.  Featured are six songs and an instrumental co-written by lead vocalists Jim Faddis and Richard Doble. Jim and Richard bring a unique vocal blend to the group that sets them aside from other sound-alike bands.  Sensitive to that difference, skilled performers Andre Vachon, Jason Stewart and Dave Hackwith lay down a carpet of smooth instrumental work to accentuate the positives.   Helping to make this recording even more vibrant are guest performers Arvid Lundin on fiddle, Phil Paulson on bass, Loren Faddis/ Merrill Doble on harmony. The CD was produced by Jim Faddis and Richard Doble and recorded by Robert Hartwig of black coffee recording in Spokane, Washington.  Contact the band through the website:


Nancy Keddy of the Bluegrass Bulletin writes about:

The Sackville Jam - Upper Sackville Recreational Facility

2476  #1 Highway, Upper Sackville, Halifax Co., N. S. @ 1:30 p.m. (Sunday)

December 1, 2002     Cabin Fever (Pictou area)

January 19, 2003       Birchmountain Bluegrass

February 23, 2003     River Wind

March 23, 2003          Carter Tradition

Jamming all afternoon      Musicians and fans welcome      Admission $3.00


Letter Quick

Nastac02 – Interesting concept!  Your attachment didn’t come up.  Please resend.

BanjoBill – It will be great to see you back on a visit to the Legion Jam in Sooke. Thanks for the warning!

KristaGold – Take advantage of local Open Stages where you’ll get encouragement from other performers!

KathyBoyd – Thanks for the info on Oregon’s Bluegrass Express Newsletter.  It’s on the TO DO List!

KiwiFolk NZ – Mike, your assistance in the matter of BG contacts is appreciated.  Will keep you informed.

TownshipsBG – Perry, Got your return.  Will review as time allows. Thanks - Laurene


For those who wrote: NB Fiddler Joline Richard’s site is:


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