An 8-session class for

accomplished and intermediate musicians on

guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro, fiddle &/or contra bass

Made popular by the late Bill Monroe, Bluegrass is a style and approach to music which has grown from an ethnically American art form to an international subculture.

Bluegrass begs for participation and encourages improvisation. Using acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, banjo, dobro and contra bass, Bluegrass music ranges from the most basic waltzes, jigs and hornpipes, to swing, blues, ragtime, jazz and new-age numbers. Whatever your age or musical roots, the joy of getting together to PLAY music is intrinsic to Bluegrass. Bluegrass is F•U•N, and this class will help you learn the basics as well as some “tricks” so that you can participate and enjoy a Bluegrass jam session anywhere in the world

Class objectives

Ability to play lead and rhythm parts on 8 or more traditional Bluegrass tunes.

Developed ability to improvise on tune themes.

Familiarity with “jam” etiquette

Ability to participate in local and international jams/Bluegrass gatherings.


Meetings: Wednesday evenings, April 28th - June 16th.

Where: Bikurei Haitim Bldg., Rechov Heftman #6, Tel Aviv

Requirements: Possession of and ability to tune and play, fiddle,
5-string banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro, or contra bass.


Lynn Lewis - Simply the best bluegrass banjo and flatpick guitarist in Israel, with years of professional Bluegrass performances and recordings both in Israel and Great Britain with The Malcolm Price Trio, The Clay County Travellers, The Southern Ramblers and Jeusalem Folk. Co-sponsor of the Tzora Folk Club, Lynn performs frequently with his wife, Judi.

Avery Ellisman - Fiddler and mandolin player for Smokin’ Gun, Choice Pickin’s, Hot Rain and the Suzy Miller Band. Avery is one of the most respected Bluegrass musicians in the country. His credits include numerous stage, TV and radio performances, as well as a variety of recordings and productions in Israel and the States.

Class size will be limited - Auditions: April 14, l999

For further details, contact: (09) 861-5784

Class fee: NIS 360

The Classes were successfully completed with 10 students participating:
1 Mandolinist, 2 Fiddlers, 2 Banjoists and 5 Guitarists