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The Unstrung Heroes

The Unstrung Heroes is/are a combination of artists seemingly created under the auspices (hospices) of the Health Services as the members include three doctors, a male nurse and a dulcimer player, each/all of whom have their own page/pages on this site. So to find out about them, click on one/all (but not at the same time) of their names below and you will be magically transferred to the respective page:-

Ora Paltiel & Marc Clarfield

Debbie Schwartz

Marc Gittleson

Barry Knyshkowy
The line-up has changed over the last few years and has featured Ora & Mark's daughter Sashi and son Jonesy (see photo below):

Judy Montel

Marc G., Lynn Lewis,
Jonesy, Ora & Marc C.
at Jacob's Ladder 2006

Lynn Lewis
Judy Montel, Ora, Marc C. & Lynn Lewis
at Jacob's Ladder 2009
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