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Southern Wind

Marrianne Navon & Shaun Deakin are Southern Wind
As the name implies we play music which I dare to say might fit into the genre of "Alternative Country" that is a mixture of old and new styles of country , blues, rock and whatever else inspires us. We might play a Hank Williams or Howlin' Wolf number followed by a rockin' Steve Earle song or a Lucinda Williams ode. Original material is also a growing part of our set.

"I was raised in S. California on a musical salad of my South Carolinian Mom's Appalaichan Folk, Woody Guthrie and California Goldrush songs blended with a big helping of Joni Mitchell, 70's rock and "Bakersfield Sound" Country. Started playing Guitar and singing at the age of 10, fronted a Country Band in Melbourne, Australia in the late 80's then I heard Lucinda Williams and found my muse. For me, a strong rhythm and deep lyrics get me every time!"

" I was raised in Sheffield, England and was greatly influenced by my older brother's musical taste which lay in British Isles Folk, American black blues artists, John Mayall, John Prine and of course, Bob Dylan. Later I discovered Ry Cooder and Gerry Garcia. I played Violin as a child until a wrist injury called a halt so I switched to Guitar . I have been a consistent "Salon" musician until Marianne pulled me out of the house. What can I tell you .... I like music that tickles my guts".

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