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"Stand-up comedy with guitar..." That's what the Jerusalem Post called Sandy Cash, one of Israel's best known folksingers. A resident of Beit Shemesh, just opposite the kibbutz , Sandy can be heard most any month at the Tzora Folk Club.

Specializing in contemporary singer-songwriters, Sandy has been making the rounds of the folk scene for over a decade, turning her devoted audiences onto the wealth of exciting, literary songwriting taking place in the old country. A talented comedienne as well as a trained singer and dramatic actress, Sandy's repertoire focuses on "story" songs written by Christine Lavin, Dar Williams, John Forster, Camille West, David Roth and many other more and less obscure songsmiths.

In her days as a full-time performer, Sandy appeared with the New Israeli Opera, and in the Israeli productions of Les Miserables and Evita. These days she juggles a freelance writing career and the raising of the young'uns (thank the Lord for Kibbutz Tzora daycare!).

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