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Everything you ever wanted to know about ....
Dave Rovics

.... a modern troubador who performs both his own original songs alongside more traditional and well known folk songs. His repertoire includes titles such as : "Minimum Wage Strike", "The Death of David Chain", "Song for Boxcar Betty", and "Parking Lots and Strip Malls". He's got a bag full of protest songs - labour, environmental, etc. and is a wonderful performer accompanying himself on his guitar.
Dave is American but has recently relocated to Hamburg, Germany.

His tour in Israel was co-ordinated by
Laurie Ornstein-Za'arur from whom you can acquire further details.

.... and you can check out The David Rovics web page for futher details or E-mail him. His site contains frequent updates with interesting facts that Dave picks up on his musical ramblings. You can get on his e-mail list to receive the latest updates directly from him.

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