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Everything you ever wanted to know about ....
Ray Scudero z''l

Although he's no longer with us, I'm loath to remove this page - Ray had had such an impact and contributed so much to our folk scene and will be sorely missed. There was such a lot you could say about Ray .... prolific songwriter, musician, luthier, soundman and thoroughly good egg. If you'd dropped your contact lens, Ray had a pocket flashlight to help you find it. Broken dentures... Ray had a tube of superglue in his bag. You name it and he would fix it.

Joanna is maintaining and adding to Ray's website at
"Scudero's Place"

At long last Ray sang, played, recorded, rercoded, egineered, mixed, remixed,
hearsed, rehearsed and produced a C.D..
Just click on the pictures below to hear some of Ray's music.

With the Help of Angels
The most recent release is:
You can hear Judi 'n' Lynn singing some of Ray's songs
on their CD "While the Night Goes By"

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Ray Scudero z''l
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