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Paul Graham

I'm still waiting for Paul to submit his C.V. but in the meantime, for your entertainment and edification, here is a picture of a him so that we can remember what he looks like.
Paul is a Bluegrasser after my own heart and I've shared many a stage and jam session with him in groups such as "Jerusalem Folk" and "The Bluegrass Incident" and enjoyed every moment. He is an accomplished mandolinist, owns a very fine old Gibson "A" model mandolin and sings well too.
Paul is a freelance soundman working with various TV and film crews from all over the world. When he isn't doing that, he has a C.D. sales service which covers a whole range of minority genres and you'll usually find him selling his wares at suitable musical events. Paul has also been instrumental in finding visiting Bluegrass musicians and arranging gigs for them or at least jamming with them: notably Dobro player Steve Toth, banjo player Mike Holmes, I.B.M.A. chairman and banjo player Andy Owens and pedal steel guitarist and banjo player, Winnie Winston z''l.

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