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Lauren Ornstein
Lauren Ornstein
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.... hails from Yonkers, NY ... "got my first guitar when I was 14 from a Sears Roebuck Catalogue (a great first line for a song - L.L.) along with a how to play the guitar book and took off into the 60's bedecked in beads, earrings and a better instrument when Mom and Dad realized it wasn't a passing fad".

She came to Israel in 1968 with young Judaea Year Course and excluding 1 year back in NY, has been here since. Mom of 2 wonderful and grown-up daughters, Shlomit and Shikma, Laurie has been the wandering Jew and lived in the north, Jerusalem, the south and in-between but has resided at Midreshet Sde boker for some 18 years, teaching English at the High School for Environmental Studies. She drifted away from the folk scene for a while and studied voice at the Ramat Negev Music Ulpan and then got up to Tel Aviv and back once a week for 5 years to study at the School for Choral Music and the School for Choral Conducting. The Negev being sparse in choirs, she decided to go back to her folk roots and is enjoying the fresh start immensely.

" I need to work more on my guitar skills! Sde Boker may be a backwater but I've been working on the bringing folk music down to this neck of the desert. I also enjoy going to Tzora, my favorite venue, and other folk clubs despite the kms. I'm putting on my car. Need more time for music...If wishes were fishes...">

Lauren is a member of The Israel Dulcimer Society.

In July 2009 Lauren released her first CD "Time Flows Backwards" - available directly from her

Time Flows Backwards

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