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Julio's Friends

"Julio's Friends" have been playing together since Purim 1996. They are a refreshing "new" group who made their debut at The Tzora Folk Club - you could say we discovered them. Chaim Gefen who is the lead singer and guitarist hails/hales from neighbouring Kibbutz Galon and is accompanied by a variety of musicians including twin kibbutznikim/percussionists, Ran & Tzur Holzman (or it could be Tzur & Ran) and seven of them played at the 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2002 Jacob's Ladder Festivals. Their repertoire encompasses songs of popular origin but with all acoustic backing. By the way, there is no Julio - only friends. Contact Chaim for a schedule of "Julio's Friends" performances or to invite them to play.

For bookings and additional information about
Julio's Friends
E-mail to Chaim Gefen

phone 08-6872791

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