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I came to Israel in 1968 on the Young Judaea Year Course and forgot to go home. Meanwhile I studied English and Theater, and later Curriculum Development and Remedial Teaching. I have been an English teacher, translator, freelance writer and journalist, and curriculum developer as well as growing carnations and peaches and raising four kids. After 30 years on Moshav Nir Yisrael in the South, I came to Tel Aviv three years ago to co-found a Democratic School.

I tried to play guitar in high school to be cool, but abandoned it for some time, till I found it was good for teaching English. Got into the Folk Club scene about 6 years ago, and started writing songs a year or two later. This year my CD (dare I say my first?), "What's a Girl to Do?" came out, produced by Ofer Golani, with whom I often enjoy performing. I also have performed with Sharon Neeman (Two Chicks From Hell) and Ronny Pollak (Blue and White Grass). I can't really describe my own style but some people find it funny.

The final track on the C.D. is called "The Road Home" which Judy wanted to have a country flavour ....
soooo .... she asked Judi 'n Lynn Lewis to record it which we did with much pleasure
(at the Tzorafolk Home Studio).

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