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Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson is not a profesional folk singer but an avid fan and performer in the clubs of Illinois, USA. A few weeks before he arrived in Israel for a visit he contacted us and we arranged for him to appear at Tzora. Well I think he had a ball and we certainly did and it was so nice to present someone so unassuming but full of love for the music. He chose his material carefully, accompanying himself on guitar and ukelele and had the audience singing along with him. We look forward to his next visit.

The following message was posted by him on the israelfolkcommunity site:

Thanks to everybody for making my trip to Israel great. Been thinking about all you guys today. I just picked up the last of my pictures last night, and have been sharing them today with friends and co-workers. Today being the first anniversary of 9-11 we weren't sure how we should feel or what the proper way to commemorate should be. I heard on the news, that folks across the country have just been inventing their own way. I put together a picnic lunch for about 20 people at work, brought my guitar & ukulele and sang American folk songs and shared stories of my trip to Israel. It all seemed right.

Pictures are posted, I'd like to think I'm going to be ambitious enough to write more about my trip and share some stories with you.

Thanks to the folks at Tzora for being so great, perhaps the highlight of my trip was singing America the Beautiful there, not knowing how folks in another country would respond to this song, and when I reached the first chorus and looked up I saw everybody singing along with me. Israel is beautiful too.

Thanks to the strangers on the streets of Jerusalem who guided me when I was lost, thanks to Judi 'n' Lynn, all the folks and musicians that showed up at Tzora and the Last Blast, and special thanks to Larry Rosenfeld. The warmth, hard work, generosity and good humor that you project was reflected in your Folk Fest, it was all there. It would not have been as good a trip without you Larry.

Good thoughts and prayers go out to everybody. Happy New Year.


For more information or just to say "Hi", why not send an e-mail message to Brett Johnson.

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