Jerusalem Folk
Barry, Paul, Ann, Lynn & Gilead on stage
at Reshet Gimel's (Radio 3) "Country B'Kibbutz" at Tzora

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I really should wait for Paul to give full details of the band as he was a founder member back in 1948 or thereabouts. During my tenure with the group it comprised:-
Ann Limor - guitar & vocals
Barry Knyshkowy - fiddle & vocals
Paul Graham - mandolin & vocals
Gilead Limor - bass guitar & vocals
Lynn Lewis - banjo, Dobro, guitar & vocals
Ron Dekelbaum - Banjo
We performed at a variety of venues from the "Pargod" in Jerusalem, Reshet Gimel's "Country B'Kibbutz" at Tzora to the "Jacob's Ladder" Folk Festival. Details of most of the individual members can be found by clicking on their names (if they are highlighted).

Ann & Paul in "1948"

Paul, Barry & Ann
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