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Harold Jacobs Blues & country harmonica, guitar and home-made 5 string banjo, (usually two at a time) once ran into Pete Seeger on the NYC subway and hasn't been the same since. Plays catch-up harp on the razor's edge: says it gives him a rush.

Harold Jacobs hails from Pelham Parkway in the Bronx where he learned about music while chuggin Ballentine. Instead of studying for the Regents he built a 5 string banjo which he still plays today while blowin harp through a brace which sometimes also holds a sandwich.

Harold was a member of a New York folk group called the Meanders, which was popular at Church venues (not too popular at synagogues though), and also at gigs at Gerdie's Folk Village.He also gigged at a number of Village coffee houses in the 60's. He studied the "Art of Folk Songs" with the renowned Bernice Kamsler of the "New School for Social Research."

In Israel now for 30 years he is an international export marketing professional and is an occasional sideman or guest performer at Jacob's Ladder (no relation), The Tel Aviv folk Club, The Tzora Folk Club, and Trish's Folk Club in Zichron Ya'akov.

He was a driving force in the country rock band "Country Fire" which went out in a blaze of super amplified sound at the Tel Aviv Holiday Inn Pub which almost demolished the place. He's ready to jam at the drop of a riff.

Harold also organises "Hoots" in Parks, "Singing at ...." Sarona, Ein Gedi or wherever....!!

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