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Singer/Songwriter Hachmoni comes from Southern California where he played in coffee houses and a few small concerts. Arriving in Israel in 1975, he lived on kibbutzim for 5 years, where he was inspired to write more than 70 of his 160 song repertoire and worked on a "Dude Ranch" in the Galilee for 3 years which "may have instilled a little western flovour" into some of the songs.

His debut on the folk scene was at the 1994 "Jacob's Ladder" Festival at Gan HaShlosha and he's played the festival every year since, except 1999 when he was one of the stage managers.

Hachmoni has performed on numerous occassions at the Tel Aviv Folk Club and a few times at the Jerusalem Folk Clubs but the Tzora Folk Club has been his testing ground for the last three years, "where I've tried out much of my new material on this warm, good-natured audience" (his words) . "My music is a mixture of styles, sometimes protest, sometimes enlightening". Hachmoni has contributed substantially to the Tzora Folk Club with his end of the evening song "I hope I'll see you again".

The photo negative hasn't been reversed .... he plays a right handed guitar up-side-down, being left handed himself.

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