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It wasn't called folk, back then in Minnesota where she grew up dancing Schottish by Lake Harriet or singing all the camp songs that amazingly found their way into "Rise Up Singing". In fact, she discovered "folk" in the library in 1959 when a category besides classical appeared containing 1 record: Woody Guthrie. She took him home and, although she'd been taking piano lessons for 10 years, soon rushed out to buy her first guitar-a Stella, from Woolworth's ($10 was a lot in those days). Her first 2 songs were 'The Seine', and 'Scotch and Soda', not exactly Woody, but that's what her learning book had. Over the next 45 years, her guitar was usually by her side, and if not she would go into a kind of withdrawal and has been known to rent guitars in wild places like Bermuda and San Diego, or to hit the yard sales of Denver and Phoenix for a fix. She plays no favorites and all kinds of music in the folk genre find a niche in her heart. Most of all she loves playing with other people and has been lucky to play with some really inspiring folks. In recent years the guitar became too heavy to shlep around the world and she graduated to dulcimer and pennywhistle (much easier to travel with). A somewhat reluctant performer, she was half of 'Girls Night Out' with Naomi Friedman, part of the 'Bean Blossom Boys and Girl' for a short time, and a sometime accompanist of Laurie Ornstein when not venturing out on solos in Phoenix, San Diego and Israel. Around 10 years ago she helped launch the Israel FolkStuff Society (IFS) and revive FolkN o te s as its news rag. Currently she is organizer of The Israel Dulcimer Society and has been known to give dulcimer and guitar lessons just for the fun of it.

When she's in the country, Judi is also a member of The Hazel Hill String Band who's details will be uploaded in due course.

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