Kibbutz Galuyot
Judi, Jill, Marc, Ray & Lynn
at The Tzora Folk Club

Photograph by Steve Levinson. © - All Rights Reserved
Everything you ever wanted to know about ....
Kibbutz Galuyot

Although not a group in the usual sense, the members of "Kibbutz Galuyot" frequently found themselves thrown together at the same venues and decided to finish their performances with a few songs featuring all of the participants. The artists included:-
Jill Rogoff
Ray Scudero z''l
Paul Graham
Marc Gittleson
Judi 'n' Lynn Lewis
They have performed at a variety of venues from the AACI Mini-festivals at Kibbutz Barkai as far South as Yodvatah. The sordid details of the individual members can be found by clicking on their names.
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