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Cyrelle was virtually born singing and dancing, growing up in a family atmosphere that nurtured her talents. She is a lover of all good music and rhythms whether it be ragtime, Balkan or Tibetan chanting.

She came of age with the emerging folk revival scene in New York as part of the Friends of Old Time Music. This sprout continued to blossom and she is now the official caller/mover/shaker for the Hazel Hill String Band dances currently hosted by Studio 6 in Jerusalem. Along the way she earned credentials as an ethochoreographer and folk researcher and this sprout blossomed into her pivotal contributions to founding and running Balkan dancing and singing in Israel for many years. She was also a founding member of The Israel Dulcimer Society and also plays guitar, piano, recorder, harmonica, accordian, with a slight twist of the arm.

While her solo musician performances are riveting to most audiences, her greatest joy is seeing the music in the 3 dimensionality that dance provides: It is that amorphous mass coming together into one, breathing and moving to the time of the music, weaving patterns sometimes kaleidoscopic in nature that stirs her soul.

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