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Ora Paltiel
Marc Clarfield

I'm still waiting for Ora & Marc to submit their C.V. but in the meantime, for your entertainment and edification, here is a picture of them so that we can remember what they looks like.
Introduced as "The Dancing Doctors" at their first appearance at Tzora (by ...guess who), Ora and Marc are in fact both doctors (she's a hematologist; he's a shematologist) and both married (to each other). Originally from Canada their repertoire includes North American, French Canadian, Scottish, Irish and contemporary folk songs. Marc is nearly as laid back on stage as I am and their performances are entertaining, relaxed and full of fine close harmonies. Together with Debbie (Dulcimer) Schwartz, Marc Gittleson and Barry Knyshkowy and more recently with fiddler Judy Montel and Lynn Lewis they form "The Unstrung Heroes".


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