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The International "Bluegrass Incident"

Marc Gittleson (guitaron), Lynn Lewis (guitar), Paul Graham (mandolin) & John Cushman (banjo)
at The Tzora Folk Club (Photograph by Howard Gordon ©)

Well we're always cropping up so it's about time that we had a page of our own. The members of the small but dedicated Bluegrass fraternity in Israel have always rallied to accompany visiting musicians from abroad, not only at Tzora but at the Tel Aviv Folk Club, The I.F.S. Club in Jerusalem and of course The Jacob's Ladder Festival. I have usually been given the task of introducing the band and have made up silly names like "The Harry, Larry, Barry and Gary Band".

Lynn Lewis (guitar) with Paul Graham (mandolin) & John Cushman (banjo) at The Tzora Folk Club
(Photo by Steve Levinson ©)

Some time ago, visiting banjo player John Cushman wrote a letter to "FolkN o t e s" in which he mentioned his session at the Tzora Folk Club and in which he gave us the appellation .... (NO! not Appalachian) ....
"The International Bluegrass Incident". So, for brevity's sake we shortened it to "The Bluegrass Incident" and use the name to represent those musicians who participate.

Philip Griffin (bass guitar), Jerry Wicentowski (guitar), Paul Graham (mandolin),
Avery Ellisman (fiddle) & Lynn Lewis (banjo) at The Tzora Folk Club
(Photo by Howard Gordon ©)

Being a versatile bunch of guys, we adapt to allow for the instrumentation of the visiting artist. For example, when a banjo player is the instrument of the visitor, I'd play guitar or Dobro and if he's a guitarist, I'd play banjo. The resultant combinations are as follows. Most of the musicians have their own pages on this site so you can check out their pesonal particulars by clicking on their names.

  • Paul Graham - mandolin & vocals
  • Avery Ellisman - fiddle, mandolin & vocals
  • Marc Gittleson - guitaron (acoustic bass guitar)
  • Philip Griffin - guitar and bass guitar
  • Jonathan Miller - fiddle & vocals
  • Shay Tochner - guitar & vocals
  • Joshua Goodman - guitar, contra-bass & vocals
  • Ari Meerson - mandolin & vocals
  • Hillel Mogel - banjo
  • Elimelech Ben-Meir - guitar
  • Danny Sherban - fiddle
  • Yedidiya Frayman - contra-bass
    and finally, yours truly
  • Lynn Lewis - guitar, banjo, Dobro, mandolin, bass guitar and vocals

  • BanjerDan Mazer (banjo), Lynn Lewis (guitar) & Jonathan Miller (fiddle) at The Jacob's Ladder Festival 2002
    (Photo by Jeremy Cronin ©)

    Occassionally we get together to jam and play "our stuff" but generally never have time to rehearse before a performance and very often barely have time to tune up. As a result our repertoire consists of Bluegrass standards that we all know and love.

    "Bluegrass Incident" has had the pleasure of accompanying the following artists with varying degrees of success:-

  • BanjerDan Mazer - banjo & vocals
  • Steve Toth - dobro & vocals
  • Fred Vultee - banjo
  • Mike Holmes - mandolin & banjo
  • John Cushman - banjo
  • Jerry Wicentowski - guitar & vocals
  • "Winnie" Winston - banjo & vocals
  • Andy Owens - banjo, guitar & vocals
  • Jordan Klein - banjo & vocals
  • Esther Haynes - guitar & vocals

  • Elimelech Ben-Meir (guitar), Paul Graham (mandolin), Yedidiah Frayman (contra bass),
    Lynn Lewis (banjo) & Danny Sherban (fiddle)
    at The Jerusalem Folk Club's "Memorial for Daniel Pearl"
    (Photo (c) Rafael Kleiman)

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