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All the way from Washington, D. C., Banjer Dan Mazer braved the slings and arrows of the political situation and came to Israel against the "better" judgement of many, including the U.S. State Department, to appear at the Jacob's Ladder Festival. We had the pleasure of hosting him at Tzora and as part of The Bluegrass Incident I had the thrill of accompanying him on stage, not only at the festival but at The Jerusalem Folk Club and in Beit Shemesh. Dan is a masterful musician, not only in bluegrass but in any genre - even classical and not only on banjo but guitar, Dobro and mandolin. What can I say? - I had a real blast playing with him, Jonathan, Ari & Josh, even down to Dan's wicked puns. We're all proud of you Dan and look forward to your return (asap).

You can find more information about BanjerDan and his music by visiting his web site.

There are selections of photographs from The Jacob's Ladder Festival - May 2002 (Gallery 7) and from the Jam/Farewell Party at Tzora (Gallery 8)- just click on the buttons below:

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