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Amiel Schotz

Born in Scotland in 1936, Amiel Schotz has had a varied career as an actor, teacher, singer, poet, editor and author. He has performed folk music for over 50 years but only began to compose his own songs in recent years. With an M.F.A. in acting and directing from Brandeis University and over 20 years experience giving workshops and courses in Theatre Games and Creativity, his book "Theatre Games and Beyond" is a best-seller in the genre. He was edito-in-chief of @Voices Israel - Poets in English organization for several years.

Amiel has now released a C.D. of his own material, if I remember the title correctly "Senior Moments". This contains a selection of amusing, even side busting and sometimes poignant songs in which he is accompanied by Lynn Lewis on guitar and mandolin. For the time being the C.D. is only available from Amiel.

Senior Moments

All of the songs were recorded at the Tzorafolk Home Studio.

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