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Diane Kaplan
Ada Moriel

Diane Kaplan and Ada Moriel are a new musical duo, that came into being just over a year ago, each having bought with her many years of experience and a wide diversity of styles. They hail from the Galilee; Diane, born in New York, grew up in Arizona, now lives in Yodfat with husband Desmond and three children, and Ada, born in Israel and raised in Quebec is from Clil where she lives with her five children and one grandchild.

Both are exceptional vocalists blending together in beautiful harmonies. Diane plays guitar and Ada creates a broad range of musical sounds through her wide collection of flutes from all over the world and playing other ethnic stringed and percussion instruments.

Diane has been long known to us through her appearances with "White and Bluegrass" and appeared at the Tzora Folk Club's radio show "Country B'Kibbutz" which was broadcast on Reshet Gimel several years back, while Ada is not so familiar to us Southerners but has been seen at "Jacob's Ladder" with "Wild Mountain Thyme"

Ada is a member of The Israel Dulcimer Society.

Their C.D. "The Many Colours of White" is a masterpiece appealing to a wide audience with its diversity, the talent of the main artists as well as supporting musicians who guested on the recordings: Bracha Ben-Avraham from "Irish Cream", Jonathan Margalit (well known to Tzora attendees), Danny Sherban of "White and Bluegrass", Salem Darwish and his eldest son Darwish, Patricio Alvarado, Rami Bonen fom "Wild Mountain Thyme", Hagai Covesh of "Esev Bar" fame, Eyal Malikson (cello) and Alex Aizenberg

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The tracks include:

  • The Maid That Sold Her Barley
  • Do You Love An Apple?
  • Shatti Ya Dinya
  • V'la l'bon Vent
  • Parcel of Rogues
  • Pole Mze
  • My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
  • Feliz y Libre
  • Greensleeves
  • Ain't No Traffic
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  • Shut De Do
  • El Chuno
  • He Moved Through The Fair
  • Tel'et Ya Mahla Nurha
  • Into White
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  • Bridge Over The River Ash
  • You can also hear more from the C.D.
    and order it by following this link: just click on the picture.

    There is also a selection of photographs taken of their evening at Tzora:

    Photo Gallery 6
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