Canaan Country
has had a bit of a shake up.
Our lead singer, Judi Lewis, has decided to retire from performing with the band, although she hasn't quit singing and doing the odd spot here and there and will continue being the contact person for the band. That left me wondering what to do. So I decided to continue my long abandoned solo career. However, having got used to performing with other musicians, I decided to recruit John "Jams" Worley on contra-bass and Paul Inbar on fiddle to assist me in the first of a number of possible projects.
Although our first performance was under the name "Lynn Lewis & Friends" (because they couldn't fit all of our individual names on the programme) we will probably be continuing under the name:

The Current
Canaan Country

Photos by Errol Sapir © 2006 and Robert Wylie (Landsdown Studios) © 2010

The first of these projects is "A Tribute to the legendary Ramblin' Jack Elliott"
which we launched at the Jacob's Ladder Festival in May of this year (2015).

Photo by Judi Lewis © 2015

Photo by Billy Fogel © 2015

The programmes will still be in traditional acoustic country music style but with somewhat less of the bluegrass influence of our previous performances. Keep an eye on this page .... I'll apprise you of future developments.

Meanwhile, in the pipeline, are three solo albums by yours truly:

The first is based on the live programme "A Tribute to Ramblin' Jack Elliott" (see above).

The second is a collection of songs that tell a story. Unlike most of my solo material which has humorous element, many of the songs presented here are sad, poignant, even downright depressing. If you are of a sensative disposition. I suggest you have a box of tissues next to you when listening to this as you will no doubt be crying your eyes out, if not from the songs then because of my singing. However there is some relief with the inclusion of more cheerful material.

The third C.D., as the title suggests, includes many of the humourous songs that I've been performing for the the last 40+ years.

My aim is to be able to bring the contents of these C.D.s to workable live programmes which we will be able to perform in public for your future entertainment and edification.

Tribute to Ramblin' Jack Elliott
TzoraFolk CD-004
Songs that tell a story
TzoraFolk CD-005
The Funny Side of Life
TzoraFolk CD-006


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