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My wife and musical partner, Judi, has decided to retire from full performances so I have decided to revive my solo career. I'm currently working on three new C.D.s (see the C.D. page) which will be reflected in my upcoming performances.

Judi and Lynn Lewis
Judi and I were once offered a gig as performers and emcees but Judi happened to be travelling abroad with her choir on that date, so I did the job on my own. The organisers just dropped Judi's name from the advertising flyers but we were first on the list of artists and it looked a little odd as it began "and Lynn Lewis". I found it to be quite amusing, so that is how I will now be presenting myself.

As and when the opportunities arise, I will be joined by John Worley on bass and Paul Inbar on fiddle when we may (or may not) be announced as
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