Lynn originally trained as a quantity surveyor but on moving to Tzora became a tool and die maker in the Kibbutz's furniture factory and is now senior draughtsman (CAD) and Quality Management Systems Administrator for
Tzora Active Systems Ltd. who make equipment for the mobility challenged.

After a flirtation with "Skiffle" and then Rock 'n' Roll in the late 50s/early 60s, Lynn started playing Bluegrass Music in 1965, performing and recording with such U.K. groups as The Malcolm Price Trio, The Clay County Travelers (once described as "the Best British Bluegrass Band ....... ever") and
The Southern Ramblers, all of whom performed regularly on the various Country & Folk Music programs on B.B.C. Radio. Click here for a more detailed list of U.K. bands with which he has been associated, including some older photographs. His music has been featured several times on Benny Handel's Reshet Aleph programme "Compass", Reshet Gimel's Country Music Special from the Tzora Folk Club and he has performed with various combinations of musicians, most notably "Jerusalem Folk" and when ever a Bluegrass band is needed can usually be found backing visitors from abroad together with the likes of Paul Graham and Avery Ellisman in an ensemble I now refer to as The Bluegrass Incident". Lynn plays Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro, Autoharp and has been known to pick up an Electric Bass Guitar from time to time. He also produces quite authentic sounding MIDI files which Judi 'n' Lynn use (only in the absence of live musicians) as accompaniment to their "Country Style" program which features their close vocal harmonies and arrangements of Country and 60s Music ... performed "Country Style" of course. Known for his groan provoking "English" humour, Lynn is the EmCee of the Tzora Folk Club and has also compered at several other annual music festivals including "Jacob's Ladder".
For many years Judi 'n' Lynn, performed together as a duo but were later joined by vocalist/bass guitarist Dvir Cafri to form the vocal nucleus of the band
which has gone through several incarnations and has featured John "Jams" Worley (mandolin, guitar and bass-fiddle), Judi Montel (fiddle), Hillel Mogel (banjo), Josh Goodman (guitar), Paul Inbar (fiddle) and special guest, Jonathan Miller (fiddle). With Judi's retirement from performing with the band, Lynn, together with John and Paul, now work as a trio.
Lynn presents a warm, intimate and entertaining act, forming a personal relationship with his audiences and has performed regularly at the Kibbutz Tzora Folk Club, at the various Folk Clubs scattered around Israel, in schools, house concerts, cabaret, at charity functions, national and local radio, and of course at the annual "Jacob's Ladder" Festivals and Winter Weekends.
Lynn has several programmes of music which apart from his general repertoire of traditional country and folk music, includes songs paying "A Tribute to Ramblin' Jack Elliott", "Songs that Tell a Story" and his collection of humorous songs, "The Funny Side of Life", performed solo or with members of his group:

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